"Every Child Matters"

At Children 1st Day Nursery, we are committed to giving your child the best start in life.  This journey begins at Nursery. We offer the following services:

Settling In Period

Every child settles differently.  Working closely with parents we arrange dates and times so that the transition from home to Nursery runs smoothly. We also incorporate Home Visits. This is a good experience for us to get to know the children's family life.

A key person will be designated, who will offer security, continuity and reassurance.  They will usually be the one that will feed, soothe and change your child.  They are in the best position to understand your child's individual needs and to share information with you about your child's experiences in Nursery.

EYFS - Early years Foundation stage 

We offer our children a play - based curriculum which meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This supports all aspects of their learning and development. 

Open Door Policy

Children 1st Day Nursery operate an "Open Door" Policy.  This our way of encouraging parent participation.  We welcome parents to visit us - to see how the Nursery operates, read our Policy & Procedures or take part in daily activities.  

We hold different events during the year where parents are invited to participate - Sports Days, Picnics, Black History Month, St Georges Day and St Patricks Day etc.  

We also hold "Play & Stay" sessions and twice a year we conduct "Parents Consultations"

Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks at Children 1st Day Nursery

Our onsite chef prepares a mouth-watering range of healthy, delicious meals. Catering for allergies and religious requirements. Meal times are an enjoyable and social occasion.

At Children 1st Day Nursery we have a 5 star food & Hygiene rating.

Other Services offered by Children 1st Day Nursery

We incorporate Baby Massage sessions.  Massage has lots of physical benefits and for babies can play a vital role in circulation, digestion and growth. Using simple techniques you can ease the symptoms of colds, colic and teething.

Children 1st Day Nursery Day Trips

At children 1st we have visited many places with our children such as Willow Activity Farm, Lea Valley Park, Paradise Park, Roald Dhal Museum, Picnics at our local park to name a few.

We hire a reliable, spacious Mini Bus to take us on our day trips.  The driver has a current DBS and relevant insurance cover.


Tapestry Is an online Journal we use to record all the learning and fun of children's Early Years Education.  

This unique Journal is shared online with our parents, who are able to see special moments and view their progress.


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